Venture Capital and Signs of Tech Come Back

by Yassi M on January 4, 2010

Finally some good news on the Startup front:  according to Claire Cain Miller of the NY Times, Silicon Valley VCs are becoming active again after being in a state of hibernation in 2009.    Mobile Computing, and Data Management are among some of the hot areas.

….The new year could finally break the (IPO) logjam, bringing more than 50 tech offerings, investment bankers say. That could include prominent companies like Facebook.

“There’s a big backup and there’s a lot of companies that have $100 million or more in revenue and are profitable or will be profitable next year, and there will be some huge I.P.O.’s,” said Mike Kwatinetz, a general partner at Azure Capital Partners in San Francisco. “What that will also do is heat up the M&A market.”

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